Estate Planning

Put Your Estate Plan in Your Own Hands

Estate planning is not just for the super wealthy. If you own a home or have investments or retirement accounts, you deserve to protect your family, even after you’re gone.

Why is an estate plan important? Because even if you have a will, people can still make a claim on your estate, putting your loved ones at risk for having to pay thousands of dollars in court, probate, and lawyer fees.

This is why we created eStatePlan™, a revolutionary and affordable new way to easily and quickly create an estate plan online and secure your most important medical and financial documents in one place.

These short videos show you why so many people contact us to learn how they can create an ironclad estate plan from the comfort of their computer—and save thousands of dollars on expensive attorney fees.


It’s so simple that you can create 90% of your estate plan in 90 minutes or less.



Take this opportunity to save your family more than money; save them from the stress and strain of having to take care of your estate.

Schedule a short call to learn how creating your eStatePlan™️ can give you peace of mind and protect your loved ones.


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