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Meet Michael Budnick

Budnick Wealth Management

Michael Budnick, “An Independent Fiduciary Adviser with Budnick Wealth Management, has specialized in retirement planning for over 20 years. His mission is to help his clients define how they want to live their retirement, and then help them realize those goals by creating a retirement strategy that is unique to them.

Previously, Michael served as regional vice president for Great West Retirement Plan Services, where he was responsible for high-level plan management for a program that included approximately $2.2 billion in assets across 55,000 plan participants. During his time with Great West, Michael was commended for being the highest producer in the United States.

In addition to helping people plan for retirement, Michael also focuses on preparing for the costs of college. As the founder of College Tuition Advisors, Michael works with students and parents to create a strategic plan for paying for college without jeopardizing their future. His goal is to ensure that every family can provide higher education for their children without endangering their finances or future retirement goals.

Michael holds life and health insurance licenses in Texas and California, and has passed the Series 65 securities exam. He also has been a College Financial Planner for over 8 years and a licensed real estate agent.

When he’s not in the office, Michael enjoys a wide range of hobbies, including hiking, camping, roller and ice skating, scuba diving, snow and water skiing, football, yoga, sailing, horseback riding, mountain biking, driving, learning foreign languages, singing, watching movies and travel. He has three wonderful dogs with his life partner and has a baby on the way, due in March.

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